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Eating mindfully or eating emotionally?

Geschreven door op 7 december 2021

Eating mindfully or eating emotionally?

Sometimes we don’t think about what or how we eat. Instead of eating to satisfy our hunger, we eat to numb our emotions or to distract ourselves from stress. Food has the power to make us forget negative feelings… but only for a moment. We end up feeling guilty about how much we’ve eaten, which keeps us stuck in a cycle of chaotic eating.


Are you tired of being stuck in chaotic, emotional eating? Tired of trying all the diets but never getting long-term results and going up a dress-size every year? Are you confused about what is healthy and what isn’t? It doesn’t have to be so complicated – eating well and losing weight can be simple and delicious.

Melanie Bertaud, aka @dopaminechef, is our guest speaker on RAZO & Zorg on December 9, 2021, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm. She will share how you can start losing weight without counting calories or going on another diet.

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